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All items are available for purchased when making an on-line reservation or call 207-934-1081.


Purchase any of the items prior to your arrival at the White Lamb and it will be in  your room to jump start your fun!

Bucket O' Fun

Retail  $17.50

White Lamb Special  $14


Every kid has fun with a bucket and shovel at the beach. Dig holes, shape sand into fish or build a sand castle. Toss the mini Frisbee, bounce the beach ball and catch butterflies in the net. Sunscreen and aloe are included.




Fun in The Sun

Retail  $43

White Lamb Special  $33


Everyone can have fun with our loaded bountiful beach bag. Fill up the two to-go cups with your favorite beverages, head to the beach, enjoy tossing the mini Frisbee or lay down and relax on the oversized beach mat with blow-up pillow. We've included two koozies to keep additional beverage cans cool. We've included sunscreen and aloe




Keep it Cool

Retail  $25

White Lamb Special  $20


Fill up the 12-pack cooler (w/opener) with your favorite beverages and head to the beach.  We’ll toss in a 6-pack of water with a couple of koozies and an ice pack to insure you keep it cool.




Beach Bum Bag

Retail  $51

White Lamb Special  $41


The bountiful beach bag carries the necessities for any beach lover.  Spread out the over-sized beach mat and enjoy a picnic or lay down and relax - it comes with a blow up pillow! Our plush, extra large beach towel is included as well as sunscreen and aloe.




Gotta Have it Beach Pack

Retail  $81

White Lamb Special  $64


This pack is the grand daddy of them all!  Your entire family can enjoy each of the items we carry.






  • 12-pack cooler w/opener
  • 6-pack water
  • 4 Koozies
  • Plush, extra large beach towel
  • Over sized beach mat
  • Bountiful beach bag
  • Bucket/shovel
  • Bubbles
  • Sand molds
  • Butterfly net
  • Beach ball
  • Mini Frisbee


Fun in The Sun


Bucket O' Fun

Keep it Cool

Beach Bum Bag

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